May’s Healthy Article Round-Up

Here are some of my favorite posts I’ve rounded up from my main website to include on this little WordPress offshoot for the month of May. Ranging from fitness to nutrition, I hope you will all enjoy what I’ve listed! The Clean Eating Hysteria My Eating Disorder Story Part One My Workout Routine (HIIT Routine… Continue reading May’s Healthy Article Round-Up


My Interview Tips for a Mock Workout

Guess what? I found a job! I’ll be starting out as a fitness consultant and shadowing trainers during my shift. Once I’ve gotten enough clients as a consultant and established a reputation at the gym in general, I can transition over to personal training. You might be wondering why I don’t just start out as… Continue reading My Interview Tips for a Mock Workout

My Workout Routine

Everyone has a workout routine to fit their varying lifestyles. My workout routine generally accommodates balancing out the muscles that are either overused or underused in ballet. For example, being in the turned-out position uses certain glute muscles that the turned-in position doesn’t use, so it’s important to balance out those glute muscles utilizing exercises… Continue reading My Workout Routine

Product Review: Aria Starr Super Retinol

I’m not just about the fitness or the healthy food. I’m about anything that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and that does include skincare. Skincare is seriously just trial and error. It’s all about buying a product, trying it, trashing it, or raving about it to just about everyone you know. For myself, I… Continue reading Product Review: Aria Starr Super Retinol