About The Dancing Writer

Pictures by Annette Abernathy

I’m Amber Skye Forbes, 25, and I am from Augusta, GA. I’m an ACE-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor specializing in functional movement. I also attend Columbia College of Missouri, taking their online courses; I’m majoring in English. I’m the author of When Stars Die, book number one in The Stars Trilogy.

I started studying for ACE back in June when I was still recovering from an eating disorder. The sudden decision to choose this career path was based on both my love of ballet, which I have been taking for four years, and my desire to emphasize health over physical appearances. I know many will likely want to exercise for aesthetic reasons, I want to change this by putting the focus on the health of the individual over people’s desires to achieve an Adonis-esque body. While I want to help clients meet their goals, I also want them to understand that the way exercise makes you feel is more important than the way exercise can make you look.

My hope is that I am going to have a successful career.

This blog is ultimately a healthy lifestyle blog, so I’ll be writing posts about health, from skin care to nutrition to workouts and so on and so forth. I’ll also be doing the occasional product review, whether it’s a book, a product company, skin care product, fitness item, or anything that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. I’ll talk about myself on occasion.

You can contact me at thedancingwriter@gmail.com

My motto:

“Health. Not aesthetics.”

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