Portable Snacks

Unfortunately, I am not a morning person, which generally means that when I have to work, I wake up thirty minutes before I have to leave–if I’m working in the morning. This leaves me little time to do much of anything, including putting on my make-up, which I do in my car before going in to work. As a result, I have little time to prepare a lunch. I don’t do meal prepping the night before, either. The furthest I’ll go with preparing anything is making myself a peanut butter plus some-sort-of-berry sandwich. What I end up doing instead is pack healthy snacks that can be eaten on the fly, that don’t require special preparation, and that I can munch on throughout my shift. This is ideal for me considering that I don’t like to use my break to eat. I like to use my break to chill.

Path to Nature’s Stoneground Wheat Crackers

This is what I generally like to bring with me:

  1. Almonds. They’re calorie dense, and if you buy the ones that are salted, you’re receiving a few extra nutrients that plain almonds don’t contain.
  2. Fruits. I’ll pack things like a banana, grapes, mango slices, an apple, and whatever other fruit I happen to have in the fridge. If I have a cup of pomegranate seeds available, I’ll take that too.
  3. Crackers. I LOVE Path to Nature’s Organic Stoneground Wheat Crackers. They’re delicious all by themselves without needing to add cheese or anything else. I especially love to eat these with a little plate of fruit.
  4. Greek yogurt. I prefer greek yogurt because it has more protein than regular yogurt. However, despite plain yogurt being recommended, I cannot do that. Adding fruit to it just doesn’t do it for me, so I do buy the fruit-flavored ones.
  5. Organic fruit snacks. If I have these in the pantry, I’ll grab one and throw it in a bag. While these fruit snacks have about the same nutritional value as regular fruit snacks, I like knowing I’m putting whole ingredients in my body not stuffed with preservatives and artificial coloring.
  6. Juices. Sometimes I’ll fill up a bottle with some sort of fruit smoothie made from actual fruits and no added sugars. I broke our blender when I burnt out the motor from stuffing too much in it. I’ve learned my lesson!

What types of meals do you pack for a long day?



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