Say Hello to Neko!


This little beauty is my kitty named Neko, which is Japanese for cat, but, hey, my friend named her, and I kept the name out of respect for that friend. So what does this little girl have to do with my blog? Well, animals are great for your health. Having a little furbaby–or featherbaby, scalebaby, whatever–can be great for your mental health. Plus, many people adore cats and can’t get enough of cute cat pictures.

I adopted her from my friend, the one who named her, when her cat had kittens. I remember her as this tiny kitten dragging around a feather duster twice her size. My friend commented that it looked like she was carrying a ham around. To me, she just looked like a walking feather duster.

During this time, I was going through what my high school freshman mind perceived to be a bad break-up. I was never good at handling heartbreak. I’d cry every night, break down during school, and I just overall felt anxious all the time. Looking back now my reactions seem silly, but at the time, they were legitimate feelings. It was partly made worse by all the rumors going around that I was stalking my ex and that he never loved me and that he was telling people we weren’t dating. This is what happens when you’re an unpopular freshman dating a popular sophomore.

In any case, I told my parents one night when we were eating out at an Italian restaurant

Maybe if I entertain my human enough with my cuteness, she’ll take this stupid blanket off me.

how silly Neko was, how she put a smile on my face, how she alleviated so much stress. I used to be very allergic to cats, so we actually never had a cat besides the one my mom had. (She ran away when we moved to our new house in Grovetown.) Since I wasn’t really allergic to acts anymore, my parents then legitimately began to consider adopting Neko. And we adopted her as a remedy for my bad break-up. She didn’t fully cure it, but she kept me grounded long enough to heal from it. So I don’t regret this break-up at all. In fact, it was a good thing it happened or else she may never have entered my life.

Today she is ten years old. I try not to think about the fact that she is getting older. I know I’m going to be devastated when I have to say good-bye to her one of these days. My hope is that she lives a long, happy life.

If human gets a job as a trainer, that’s less time human spends with me. I won’t let human study.

I’ve always wished that our furry companions could be our familiar spirits. Familiars die when you die. Honestly, the thought that one day I’ll no longer have her in my life is scary. Some people think it’s ridiculous to consider our pets our babies, but she really is mine, particularly since I want to remain child-free for the rest of my life.

She really has made such a massive difference in the quality of my life. There are also people out there who can’t understand the importance we place on our furbabies. These are the people who do not understand the massive difference a little animal can make. Now I love people, don’t get me wrong. I love to see the good in people, the amazing humanity so many people seem to ignore when the news only wants to concentrate on the bad because the bad is considerably more entertaining than the good. But pets don’t judge us. Neko doesn’t judge me for my bad moods. She never made me feel bad for suffering from an eating disorder, when everyone else did. Sometimes I snap at her for bad behavior, but she doesn’t hold a grudge. She just wants to be around me. That’s all that matters to her.

Our little babies haven’t the slightest idea the tremendous impact they make on us. They haven’t the slightest idea that they are an enormous part of our world. Every animal, like every person, is precious for that very reason.

This little girl has been with me through some tough times, and I know she’ll continue being there for me during those tough times. She may not understand them, but just the idea that she is never going to badger me about those tough times is enough for me.



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