Product Review: Aria Starr Super Retinol

I’m not just about the fitness or the healthy food. I’m about anything that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and that does include skincare.

Skincare is seriously just trial and error. It’s all about buying a product, trying it, trashing it, or raving about it to just about everyone you know. For myself, I struggled with problem skin as a teen. It wasn’t cystic acne or anything. I struggled with stubborn skin that would not respond to any OTC treatment. So I had to be on two courses of Accutane. This got rid of my oily skin problem and finally allowed my skin to start responding to OTC treatments and prescribed creams.

Today I use birth control as my primary means to control breakouts, which works fabulously well. Now I can concentrate on some anti-aging efforts to try and age gracefully and not all at once. Aging is inevitable, but I’ll admit that at age 25, I kind of enjoy people thinking I’m still in my teens.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Aria Starr’s Super Retinol Advanced Anti-Aging Serum for anyone who struggles with acne or even dry skin. I was using this prescription tretinol gel, a mid-dose, and it was too drying for my skin. I decided to replace it with this serum. It has a much lower dose of retinol than the tretinol gel did, but it restored my skin’s hydration because of the hyaluronic acid found within this product, which helps to retain your skin’s moisture.

I struggled with dry skin all last winter. No matter how much moisturizer I used, my skin would not stay hydrated. I even went to an every-other-day use for the tretinol gel and used less of it. It still wouldn’t work! However, I was running out of my tretinol gel and really didn’t feel like going back to the dermatologist. That’s when I decided to seek retinol options online. Aria Starr is apparently the best–and for good reason.

It’s just as effective for managing acne as the tretinol gel. But the benefits are far better. About a month into its use, I noticed my skin was finally beginning to retain moisture. It was no longer patchy and dry. I could finally put a face cream on it and that face cream would actually work. I didn’t have skin flaking off. It was starting to have a natural glow to it. Even though I ultimately had to go on birth control to stop the breakouts around my period, I am absolutely going to keep purchasing this product. I can’t say much for the anti-aging part since I don’t have visible fine lines (except the forehead, but that’s not uncommon). What I can say, however, is having hydrated skin is absolutely essential and can help you age gracefully. So if you struggle with dry skin, get this serum!



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