Why I Became a Trainer

The decision to become a trainer was sort of last minute for me, even though I did spend two weeks on the thought before going ahead and purchasing the ACE materials. I simply thought about my current job and how unhappy I was (still am) with it because there is nowhere to progress. Originally, at the beginning of this year, I was striving to be a team leader, but when I went on medical leave for B12 and an eating disorder and came back, the team leader positions were rid of, so I was left wondering what I was supposed to do. I knew I didn’t really want to do anything with my English degree since all the avenues I wanted to do turned out to be something I was no longer interested in. Being in publishing no longer appealed to me since I didn’t want to have to take my work home. Being an English teacher no longer appealed to me since I didn’t want to take my work home, either. Plus, my education classes were so negative toward the state of education. And freelancing doesn’t promise a steady income. So there I was without a direction.

Now I realize essentially as a trainer, you are taking your work home with you through studying, but that is something I am very passionate about. And the studying doesn’t feel like work because it is so incredibly interesting to me. Designing workouts is also a lot of fun.

It wasn’t until I discovered The Skinny Confidential did I realize that pursuing a career as a personal trainer was very possible for me. I saw she was studying nutrition through ISSA, and that’s when I began looking into what it would take to become a trainer. I was already doing workouts outside of ballet, stuff I had just started, like HITT and upper-body strength training. After recovering from my eating disorder, I wanted to regain my health, which is where my desire to do more than just ballet came from.

Ultimately, I became a personal trainer not just because I love fitness or I have this strong desire to help others becomeĀ  healthy, but because I want to promote the image of self-love to those who need it the most, particularly those with body-image issues. I didn’t suffer from an eating disorder because of that, but anyone who is willing to starve themselves has plenty of self-hate toward themselves and their body.

You have to be serious about loving yourself if you want to see results. Even if you never get the ideal body that you want, you have to learn to love it and its limitations. Simply loving yourself means doing what is best for you, whatever makes you feel good and healthy. These are the messages I want to promote.

I want to learn everything I can. I know 100% that my certification is simply a stepping stone and that the true learning has just begun. Currently I’m studying functional movement, then I’ll move on to studying nutrition, then special populations. I would LOVE to get certified in it all, but I know it’s best to specialize. I especially want to focus on the biomechanics of exercise, and maybe I’ll earn an Associates from ISSA.

All in all, I’m very excited to begin my career.



2 thoughts on “Why I Became a Trainer

    1. I haven’t begun seeking a job yet, although I have created a few workout programs for people–for pay–and have one client who found me. I’m not actively seeking anyone, but if they find me, I won’t deny them, unless it begins to interfere with my clients at whatever gym I’m going to work at.


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