Good Alternatives to Unhealthy Foods

For the most part, I am a healthy eater, but I do have my guilty pleasures that are difficult to let go of, like ice cream and chocolate. But I’ve been slowly learning what healthy substitutes there are for some of the junk food I may suddenly have an appetite for. And believe me, unlike many fitness professionals who appear to have their diets together, mine is still a work-in-progress, although I am getting better about it. So I’ve come up with a list of foods I’ve personally substituted with healthier options.

  • Carrots and homemade ranch dip instead of chips and onion dip. I had a serious hankering for chips and onion dip this morning, but instead I decided to substitute that craving with carrots and homemade ranch dip instead. It’s just as delicious, and the added benefit is that you know you’ll be eating better.
  • Fruit-infused water instead of fruit juice. So I don’t drink fake sugary juices anymore. I generally opt for pure fruit juices or pure fruit smoothies, but these still contain sugars in them that can spike your blood sugar. I also wanted to start drinking more water, so I decided to toss some frozen fruits in a water bottle, fill it with water, and I even threw in some chia seeds for additional nutritional benefit. What results is something that’s still yummy and healthy. I’ve also learned to enjoy a squirt of lemon in water as a replacement for actual sugary lemonade.
  • Banana pancakes instead of regular ol’ pancakes. Regular pancakes are nothing but junk. It’s absurd to even consider them a proper breakfast food. So if you’re wanting pancakes, you can get something better using bananas instead.
  • Frozen fruits instead of candy. So do you want Starbursts or a bowl of Skittles? It’s very easy to substitute candy with frozen fruits–or even just regular fruits. Tossing some frozen berries in your mouth is very much like eating some skittles–but you’re actually receiving proper nutrition. You can even use frozen fruits to replace popsicles. I personally prefer frozen cherries.
  • Plain greek yogurt and fruit instead of flavored greek yogurt. Plain greek yogurt generally doesn’t have any added sugars in it. It’s very tasteless by itself, but add in some fruit, and you’ve got yourself something that’s just as good as the flavored stuff, which usually is filled with added sugars that don’t all come from the fruit.

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