Review of NatureBox

This review is not sponsored.

I absolutely love NatureBox. Unfortunately, due to financial restraints, I’ve had to cancel my subscription, but I can say I’ve loved every single snack I’ve received from them, particularly the sweet blueberry almonds.

The great thing about NatureBox is that their snacks are healthy–and I am a snacker.

Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars
Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars

Instead of reaching for the Starbursts in the living room, I’d rather reach for the fruit chews made from REAL fruit. (The strawberry lemonade fruit stars are amazing.) Now while of course these snacks contain added sugars, as do many snacks, they have nutritional value since they come from real foods with no artificial coloring or any other junk that puts a snack in the negatives in terms of nutritional value.

There are over a hundred snacks you can choose from, from nuts to dried fruits to chocolate. The ingredients are simple. The best part is that you can order a trial box and only pay 2 bucks for shipping. It comes with 4 sample snacks and one full-sized snack.

If you love what they offer, their subscription is $19.95 a month for five full-sized snacks. You can easily cancel the subscription at any time on your account if you find your finances are in a pinch. In fact, my subscription somehow got reactivated and a box was being sent my way. I had to email asking for a refund, and I got it, no problems, so customer service is fantastic. I also got to keep the box of snacks–which were delicious. I really do want to eventually subscribe to them again. And there are no cancellation fees!

These snacks are fantastic because while I have an Earth Fare and Whole Foods here, I have to drive about 20 minutes to Earth Fare and about 25 to Whole Foods. So I’m actually saving money by going with NatureBox snacks instead. Plus, they simply have more variety.


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